Copy our forex trades - let us do all of the work and have our analysis and trades sent direct to your mobile phone. Takes 10-15 minutes per day to put on the trades and benefit from our hours of analysis and 21 years of trading experience.


Copy Our Trades & Forex Signals

Our Forex Copy Trades solution or "forex signals" allow you to benefit from our analytical work and allow you to copy our trades to benefit from hours of work and analysis and translate it into 10-15 minutes per day of placing trades from anywhere in the world on your mobile, laptop or PC.


We tell you where we have entered, our stop loss and our take profit target levels and you decide if you want to copy our trade and place the same trade on- benefiting from copying trades from a team with over 20 year Investment Bank trading experience. ​

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3 simple cost saving packages:
3 months for £200
6 months for £300
or a full year for £500.
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Did we mention we are the number 1 "author" for our Forex Trading example ideas

So if your not following our free example trade ideas what are you waiting for!?

It allows you to see what level of detail we go into with trades and explanation we provide for you to learn whilst you trade

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FAQ On Our Forex Signals & Copy Trading Service



A: We get asked this question a lot but feel it is the wrong question to ask- if i have 10 trades, 8 make 10 pips profit and 2 lose 100 pips then i can still tell you we have 80% success rate.  

You can see our total monthly results at the top of this page and you can view our track record page here 

Trading forex is not a get rich quick scheme, to be consistently profitable takes time, a lot of hard work and learning and countless mistakes.  There is quick overnight winning formulae and you will lose money when trading.  The key is to make sure the wins on profitable trades are higher than any losses occurred.


Q: Do you guarantee returns or refunds?

A: Due to the nature of financial markets we cannot guarantee returns and hope that you recognise that there can be no guarantees with financial markets regardless of the products you trade. We only offer refunds within the first 24 hours of purchase.



A.  Yes we do, get in touch via whatsapp for more details


q. what type of trades? how long? what lot size?

A.  We are unable to advise you on trade/lot sizes as we do not know your personal circumstance and this is a copy trading service not investment advice.  We trade European hours so trades start between 8-9am UK time. Depending on market conditions but time frames for trades range from several hours to days to weeks


q. what are your returns, HOW MUCH SHOULD I START WITH AND how much can i make with $XXX

A.  For our returns please see the chart below, you cant start with any amount but for your guide most members start with around £350-500. There is no simple answer to how much you can make with £xxx amount of money as there are many variables.

Throughout the year we run 350  to x amount challenges. Get in touch to join one.

An example of the Technical Analysis that our subscribers receive with every Forex trading opportunity allowing our members to learn whilst they trade

Subscription Management

Want to manage a current subscription? There is no minimum period for our membership so you can come and go as you please managing your subscription via our payment company Stripe here:

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