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The forex market is huge, handling trillions of UK pounds each day and operating across the world. In the market, traders buy and sell currencies to turn a profit as the value of these currencies fluctuate in relation to one another.


But deciding which to buy and which to sell is a complicated process. That’s where our "forex signals UK" come in. Through intricate forex analysis, our ex Investment Bank experienced traders can determine what to buy and sell and when to do so to profit consistently.


Part of our business philosophy at ForexTrdr is to provide education and insight into forex trading to help our members learn the process. In that spirit, we're going to talk about the basics of forex signals, which are the fundamental basis of our firm.

What Are Forex Signals?

At its simplest, a forex signal is a trade suggestion based on fluctuations in the foreign exchange marketplace. In our case, we offer mirror trades where members can copy our very own forex trades. Our goal is to figure out when to buy and when to sell in order to make a profit for the best risk-and-reward ratio.

These forex signals are found through our 20 years trading experience at Investment Banks and hedge funds. We have our own unique system here at ForexTrdr and make trades of our own. Then, we allow members to copy them. In other words, we do the legwork and let you decide whether you want to do a mirror trade.

There’s not one way to look for signals. Our team of experts look at everything that may impact a country’s currency, including:

  • Historical trends especially in forex and trading

  • Past price movement data

  • Current political and economic events

We also employ a human touch to our analyses. Our seasoned team has experience in the world’s leading hedge funds and investment firms. We use our well-honed financial instinct to locate signals and make decisions.

The Trading Process

After a forex signal is relayed to you, it’s imperative to act quickly. Members of ForexTrdr at our Associate and VIP levels will be notified through an app which alerts about a trade prospect that we have placed. But ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not to make the trade.

For our VIPs, we’ll provide you with our full financial analyses and economic market outlooks. You’ll learn more about the forex trading market from our world-class team of investment bankers and hedge fund traders.


Our forex signals system will convey at a minimum the core forex signal (plainly, the relationship between two currencies) and figures for entry, stop-loss, and targets on a currency pair.


Once you have this information, if you decide to act on it, you’ll have to copy the trade manually once the signal goes live. While we work with currencies from around the world, we start searching for forex signals on UK business hours. It’s up to you to stay alert for potential updates.

Automated vs. Manual Signals

In the world of forex trading, some firms will use computers and specialised software to scan and interpret profitable signals. Others rely on a manual process. That is to say, signals are identified and deciphered by a human analyst who sifts through information by hand.


Automated trading has the advantage of being faster. However, computer software is only as accurate as its programmer - not the best forex signal provider. While manual analysis is time-consuming and is prone to simple human error, many find that information cultivated by a real person with financial experience is most trustworthy and valuable than that generated by a computer.

Returns on Investment

There is no simple answer to the question of, “How much profit can I make?” There are so many variables and so many changes in the market daily. Anyone who guarantees you’ll see a specific return on investment doesn’t realise how complex forex actually is.


It all varies depending on your own economic factors (like how large your trade lot is, for example) and political and world economic factors. For this reason, we don’t advise you on what decisions to make. We merely give you our opinions on the market and allow you to copy our own forex trades.

The Risks of Forex Trading

Tracking the foreign exchange market and making profits based on forex signals is exciting. This is especially true for new traders looking to delve into the world of economic trading. Amateur traders and seasoned financial pros use our service. This means that the signal system industry is flush with both inexpert get-rich-quick scammers trying to turn a profit where we see ourselves as a more legitimate firm that works to educate traders and use sound financial knowledge to make decisions from our professional trading experience at the world's best Investment Banks.

In the end, the real risks come from deciding whom to trust. There is never a guarantee when it comes to trade, especially not in forex.

That’s why our team of experienced trading experts has come together at ForexTrdr to keep you informed about the daily financial topics and trends. We can provide the tools, resources, and courses to help you break into the world of trading. That way, you can better understand the reasoning behind the decisions you make (or not make).

Ready to get started with us? Click here to copy our forex trades and get started on making your own financial trading decisions.

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